Foreign Policy

 This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain as a Weapon.
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Huffington Post

Can we create an artificial brain?
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New Scientist

Mind-control exoskeleton gives
unprecedented paralysis recovery
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Scientist Touts Exoskeleton That Could Offer A Chance To Walk Again
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The Dream Kickoff
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Brain-Controllled Kick to Open This Year’ World Cup Soccer
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Bionic exoskeleton will allow paralyzed teen to deliver first kick at World Cup
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Computer-Brain Interfaces Making Big Leaps

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Mind-controlled prostheses offer hope for disabled

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Nicolelis research named in one of the top scientific breakthroughs of 2012 by Science Magazine. (PDF)

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Nearly Two Thousand Brain Cells Recorded at One Time (PDF)

December, 2012
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Building Up Brazilian Brain Research (PDF)

January 13, 2012
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Mind Out of Body (book excerpt)

Scientific American February 2011 Volume 304, Number 2
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Brazilian Science: Riding a Gusher

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Building a Future on Science

Scientific American February 2008
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Brazil’s Option for Science Education

Scientific American February 2008
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Controlling Robots with the Mind

Scientific American Special Edition on Robotics 2008 (revised article from SciAm 2002)
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Living with Ghostly Limbs

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND December 2007/January 2008
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Seeking the Neural Code

Scientific American December 2006
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