Gbrmpa losing credibility amid staff cuts expert warns

Gbrmpa losing credibility amid staff cuts expert warns


The minister who led the Queensland Government’s Coalition Government, David Iggs, says cuts in the department have eroded its reputation and his warnings about the implications for the state’s future business climate are being ignored.

Mr Iggs has now come under fire after an internal memo leaked to a media outlet accused the Prime Minister of bullying him into making concessions on coal-fired energy generation.

The memo is believed to have been written by Queensland Power Networks’ Mr Iggs’s successor, John Gorman.

Mr Iggs said Mr Gorman’s memo was “not the most honest or candid analysis of my career, I believe that’s what you get when you start looking at people, they’re not the most honest in and of themselves and they’re not the most candid as they’re being put under pressure.”

“It was the wrong advice, it was not written by somebody who’s got a proven track record with me, it wasn’t written by somebody who’s been우리카지노 involved, in fact the person who I believe is a very capable and capable person and someone who has seen their team suffer and now lost a trusted, good friend over this,” he said.

The Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has also expressed concerns over the leak.

He issued a statement this morning saying the Opposition Leader’s criticism of the Government was “futile”.

“In terms of the leak, we’re all happy with the government’s policy, and have agreed a range of measures to help the state get back to where it was, which includes a cap and trade program,” he said.

“So while I fully support Queensland’s transition to a more robust electricity market, I understand there is a view that Queensland’s future as a major player may be at risk if this kind of approach pre바카라사이트vails.

“I look forward to Mr Iggs and his team telling the Queensland Government that this is clearly an election issue not an issue of any concern to them.”

Mr Iggs said he would not defend the Government’s policy, and “not as a Queensland Government Minister is required”.

“It’s a matter for all of the parties to speak and I’m not going to get em바카라사이트broiled in the issues,” he said.

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