Spanish civil war mass graves unearthed in the desert in Iraq

Spanish civil war mass graves unearthed in the desert in Iraq

The bodies of men and boys found in an oil field were buried with nothing but salt and sand.

The discovery on the country’s nort바카라사이트h-west desert is the most recent in a series of such discoveries by the military in Iraq over the past 12 months, raising concerns that troops are burying bodies with no body parts – such as bones – to find.

It comes after Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called on the UN to investigate alleged human rights violations on the ground by troops, including those in the Anbar province.

But Mr Maliki told a televised news conference: “I am not going to allow anyone to use us as a target to criticise us. We don’t have to be seen as those who are fighting against us in any way.”

The graves are believed to be at the scene of alleged mass graves, where soldiers of the Iraqi army were said to have been buried with nothing but salt and sand.

It is thought at least one of the burials had been caused by weapons damage or were part of an alleged human rights abuse and murder, if not by war.

The bodies were buried with no limbs, indicating that they had been d우리카지노eliberately buried alive, Mr Chomko said.

The discovery, which took place on the north-west desert border with Iran, comes amid reports that Iraqi forces are digging mass graves for suspected mass graves in a neighbouring country.

A recent Iraqi government study published on its website claimed there were 10,000-15,000 mass graves in the country and further investigations were needed to establish whether there was an attempt to cover up the existence of these graves, the Guardian reported.

Human Rights Watch said the bodies of hundreds of children, men and women who died at the Anbar province site were being buried.

Some of the bodies were reportedly with no limbs, with others with no clothing at all, 바카라사이트suggesting they were buried “with very little body fluid”, the watchdog’s director, Sarah Leah Whitson, said in a statement.

It is not known how the bodies were laid to rest in this way and whether there were any body parts left to identify the individuals.