Wayne goss dead at 63:

Wayne goss dead at 63:


Here’s one from a couple weeks before:


What this guy is doing at this point is basically asking reporters to cover something when, as a professional, one knows that’s not going to happen and doesn’t want to take sides, to “get the facts” as if nothing is amiss.

Here’s how Paul wrote it on his blog last summer:


It’s one of those odd things where the writer doesn’t realize that his article is the end of his career, that he’s not going to get another gig doing this anymore, that it has probably damaged the reputation of Cincinnati newspapers and the journalism profession. In fact, the city was getting some money, but it seemed to be all just one big marketing campaign.

But then he starts doing what you would expect, which is putting out his own opinion that he thinks is newsworthy. Here’s a recent one from the morning of February 23rd:


When this guy is making decisions and taking a stand, that’s a sign of maturity. A prof더킹카지노essional politician wants to be able to have the credibility that comes with that role.

It’s also good business. It’s the way I do business, I’m never going to sit around the bar and say, “oh well, this is stupid, let’s do this another way,” but I can go out and go to the radio station and say, “thes바카라사이트e guys have a problem, let’s go deal with them.”

The reality is that the people who do the press i