Greens call for water tank guidelines to be changed Read more

Greens call for water tank guidelines to be changed Read more

A spokesman for Waterguard said: “This is a tragedy that threatens the entire area of Victoria.

“We are working closely with the relevant agencies and other agencies to assist with further information. The Department of Health has also been notified and the emergency services are investigating the incident.”

The incident occurred in a community called Mount Lornous with an annual rainfall of 2.1m during November.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A woman is rescued by police outside the village of Mount Lornous. Photograph: David Sillitoe for the Guardian

The village was being treated as a hi바카라gh danger area and emergency services were called at 14:30 GMT on Friday, which meant their emergency response team could only enter the site between midnight and 12:30am. The authorities have described it as a “natural disaster”.

The Department of Health said: “In this par골목ticular community, water tanks have been added, and the local authority is now in charge of removing and disposing of waste. This 울산출장안마 울산안마has been done to ensure there is no further water supply need for future years and an ongoing emergency effort is currently underway.”

The fire brigade also sent a crew to assist, as did the local police force. There were more than 50 people helping.