Kalamunda votes to opt out of council merger process

Kalamunda votes to opt out of council merger process

KUMARNAVARU | May 8, 2016

KUMARNAVARU – On Thursday, Kamala-led KUMARNAVARU POMVAKA, a strong voice for community concerns over the development of the city, was elect안마ed to be the councilor’s secretary.

“The new Secretary Kamala will assist the citizens of Kamala’s City with any important issues related to her office, and we are confident that she will act as the city’s strong advocate for people’s right to vote,” said Kamala’s Deputy Commissioner and KUMARNAVARU POMVAKA campaign manager M. Tariquddin Hussain. “We congratulate the election of Kamala and look forward to working with her and others to create the ideal environment for free and fair elections for all.”

The election results released on Friday evening show that Kamala, a strong supporter of free and fair elections, was elected Secretary of the City, with 49.5 percent of the vote with 11.영주출장마사지2 percent votes of abstentions.

KUMARNAVARU has been elected to her position on the council since December 2016. She is supported by the People Power Forum, which is a coalition of KUMARNAVARU, Suryana Shukla and Sushil Kumar.

The elections came one day after the election of city co세종출장샵uncillor Yasharuddin Rabbani in the city. Rabbani was elected with the support of the People Power Forum.

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Rabbani won the primary constituency of Ujwal-e Sharif Khan, with 36 percent of the vote. He was followed by Kumaan, whose vote was 13 percent.

“I cannot stress enough the fact that the primary election results of Ujwal-e Sharif Khan, Khurram-e-Jundhar, Niauli-e-I-Balochistan, Ghazipur, Khuzdar-e-Balochistan, Charsadda, Jarnat-e-Muhammad Nabi Nabi Khel (KU-MBB), Kher, Tarn Taraf, Faisalabad, Ghazipur, Jarnat-e-Muhammad Nabi Nabi Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Ujwal-e-Shari