Taliban urges pakistan to reject foreign flood aid

Taliban urges pakistan to reject foreign flood aid

Q&A: Afghanistan’s growing Taliban insurgency

At least 25 people were killed and 40 others injured on Saturday evening when militants launched attack on Afghan army’s patrol vehicle during patrol on the area of Maung-e-Om, the provincial governor said. The assault by militants has resulted in injuries to 11 soldiers and at least five policemen.

Meanwhile, a senior military officer has claimed responsibility for an attack in Jalalabad, also in Nangarhar province.

“An attack is expected in the northern town Jalalabad on Sunday. The attackers will have large arms equipped with explosives. We will fight them, but they will not win by anything I hav호 게임e seen,” said Maj Gen Israr Agha, spokesman of the 1st Battalion of the Afghan security forces.

Agha said the insurgents launched a raid on the army convoy that was going to the area of Maung-e-Om to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

According to him, militants fired shots at the Afghan army’s patrol vehicle after they took out a command post on the road.

The vehicle was not hit in the attack.

Some residents in the area fear for their safety. Some people reported that their relatives, who were in the convoy, were injured in the attack.

As of early morning, the fighting in Karzai province remained focused only on the district of Farah. But government troops also continued shelling and the district’s residents began to flee the area.

According to w퍼스트카지노itnesses, the attackers attacked the army compound of a battalion stationed in a house south of Mirzangar. The militants also attacked a police station in Bibi-e-Najm in Farah.

“I witnessed a suicide bomber taking out his detonator and firing at the people inside the police station. Two were killed and two were wounded,” said a resident of Mirzangar district.

Afghan security forces are on alert to prevent the emergence of a strong separatist and Islamist militant 창원출장안마 창원출장샵outfit.

According to the Afghan president, the militant groups of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Jundullah’s al-Qaida branch, are preparing to take part in the upcoming elections scheduled for May 14.

Jundullah has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations.

However, according to Agha, there is no threat as yet in Afghanistan’s security.

The head of the Army, Gen. Abdul Zahi