Zappia launches defence of secret money laundering bill

Zappia launches defence of secret money laundering bill

In an email exchange, Zappia said she’s worried about “lobbying for our clients” when it comes to the bill.

“What makes me more fearful [is] that the bill was introduced with a great deal of secrecy around it,” she wrote in the email exchange.

“This issue is so important because of the many jobs these families are creating in order to build a safer, safer world.”

But a spokesperson for the Canadian Pensions and Savings Corp. says Zappia should stick to her guns.

The federal government introduced the controversial $10-billion Canadian Financial Institutions Act at its summer sitting in August to deal with the $17-billion shadow banking scan바카라dal.
Some of these banks and financial companies that allegedly provided clients with false income statements and other financial information have admitted some of their activities.

The law also has made financial transactions outside of Canada more expensive.

“I think it was a great bill, but the bigge바카라st disappointment was to see it brought up again on a new bill after there were some changes in it,” said Paul Callan, communications director for the agency that represents Canada’s banks, the CFPIB.

With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Lisa Feschuk