Great overall earplug to help block noises from snoring spouses

Does it suck that your breasts seem to be the main focal point of your physique? Yeah, I guess it does. But all women deal with a (slightly different) version of this same thing. You will meet people who don’t care, or seem not to notice your above average cup size eventually. male sex doll … Continue reading »

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The biggest factor in comfort (and safety) is to make sure you get the right size! Getting the correct size is important with any cock ring but especially so with a metal ring. Since they don’t give or stretch, you need to make sure it will be comfortable when you have an erection. Don’t get … Continue reading »

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Let me tell you something about me: If there’s a slight chance that something dire will happen to one woman vibrators, I will be that one woman. For instance, when I was pregnant, I’d read that fewer than 3 percent of mothers have breech babies. Do you want to know who had a breech baby? … Continue reading »