Alp pledges dedicated jobs fund for regional economy

Alp pledges dedicated jobs fund for regional economy

9 July 2014

SACRAMENTO—The California해운대출장안마 Republican Party today signed on to an amendment to the California State Republican Party’s budget that would dedicate a sum of $20 million to a statewide job-creation fund and invest that in regionally developed business clusters in order to accelerate job creation in the state.

The California Republican Party, led by Chairman Bob Dole, is supporting the amendment introduced last year by Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski (R-Anaheim) that was considered by the party leadership last year when the party’s budget was reviewed, but which was removed in January as it was found to undermine Dole’s effort to bring greater economic activity and job growth to California by creating jobs in rural areas.

“The support of the California Republican Party comes on the heels of our party’s strong record of supporting and preserving jobs and growth in the state as well as the nation’s second most populous state,” said Chairman Dole, who added, “I am pleased that our party has been the clear leader in championing job growth throughout our state.”

State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (R-Tuba City) hailed the news as a “historic moment” that “sets the stage for action in our state.”

“As the economy continues to strengthen and the population grows throughout California, it’s critical to have a regionally based economic engine to keep people moving to the job and economic opportunities,” Rendon said.

The amendment, “S.B. 20,” was introduced in the Assembly Finance Committee meeting on Thursday, and it received a vote in the full Assembly today. This is the second time that the Republican National Committee has brought its own initiative, “The Economic Prosperity of the West”, to the Assem블랙 잭bly. State officials have said that the amendment to the Democratic budget is one of their top priorities for 2015-16.

The amendment would allocate $20 million in the next budget cycle to the fund dedicated to creating new jobs and training to support job creation and the investment to create businesses to support growth in the regional economy.

The amendment, however, is not the final vote for the amendment. The bill still needs to be certified, although the California Republican Party is confident that Assemblymember Wieckowski will pass it on the floor of the Assembly, and the California State Senate will take the final step in approving the meas엠 카지노ure this summer.