Uni extends voluntary redundancy deadline

Uni extends voluntary redundancy deadline

The university has given three months’ notice to staff who have voluntarily joined the voluntary redundancy scheme and the university will seek compensation from them, Uni has announced.

Uni chair Professor Chris Renton said staff had been told to report by midnight on Tuesday 20 July.

In May last y우리 카지노ear Uni had told employees their unemployment benefits would be cancelled at a time when staff had been offered a two-week grace period.

The agreement with employers means more than 300,000 people will be eligible for assistance after the three-month grace period expires on Saturday 1 August.

Uni said it would also pay out a lump sum if it is not possible for those affected by the scheme to re-entering the system and the money will be used to cover those who do.

“I strongly believe that every student, regardless of the status of their job and whether they have given up voluntarily or not, should have the right to the same dignity and security which is so essential to our society as a whole and to the very best students within our great Uni network,” Professor Renton said.

“This will allow us to ensure that all eligible staff, without exception, have the ability to access full employment and secure long-term commitments to the university.

“Uni is doing all it can to support staff who are struggling to get on.

“To everyone who has given their time and energy to the university, I wish you all nothing but success and peace of mind, but do your best to continue your studies and study hard for your dreams.”

Meanwhile, the universi골목ty said it is reviewing its relationship with its local authorities.

“This review is being undertaken with the advice of the university, the NUS-UCD Association and the RMT, to ensure that we are treating all of the local authorities in a fairly appropriate and non-discriminatory way, including with respect to funding구리출장마사지,” a statement from the university said.

“We have asked the NUS-UCD association, in consultation with the RMT union, to undertake a thorough review of our relationship with local authorities and the role of the union. The union will then make a further report after that.”

University of Sydney vice-chancellor Alan Richardson said the announcement is welcome but there have been concerns voiced by staff that this approach may give unfair advantages to employers.

“The university will look at all available means for addressing the concerns they have raised, and we believe the right an