Online rehabilitation to help rural heart patients who are on short incomes

Online rehabilitation to help rural heart patients who are on short incomes.

Rural Health Minister Ravjarvees.comi Shankar Prasad yesterday said the government is working on measures to improve the lives of poor villagers living in small, remote villages by providing them regular income and also by creating jobs and providing support to them.

“These are some of the basic initiatives which have been taken to solve this problem,” Prasad, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, told The Hindu.

In 더킹카지노these villages, which may have a population of less than 10,000, no doctor is available at the clinic, and health services and electricity are also lacking. “The government is ready to take over the village medical services,” Prasad added.

“If the government of Tamil Nadu takes over the villages and clinics as it should do, I am sure that they will solve these problems.”

In the state where almost 1,600 villages lack health services and one lakh people suffer from inadequate healthcare facilities, Prasad is trying to make life easier for these communities. “If the people are happy at the clinics where they can get regular income, then everything will happen smoothly,” he said.

He said the government is also looking at providing free healthcare to the poor as well as giving them adequate social services as they lack services such as employment.

“I want to make it possible to improve the lives of people,” said Prasad, who is also chief minister of Tamil Nadu. “At least there can b바카라사이트e healthcare in many villages, and help will come soon to these villages.”