Turkish pm hailed as hero after eu talks with Greece’s prime minister

Turkish pm hailed as hero after eu talks with Greece’s prime minister

“He is a very good friend.”

Greece’s Syriza, which won back more than 300 seats in the Greek parliament last week, hailed the government as an “important step forward” in terms of the country’s EU ambitions.

In Brussels on Sunday, Mr Varoufakis said that Greece’s exit from the eurozone would be the catalyst for the country’s membership in the bloc, which it says is not only a way to prevent it becoming dependent on international financial institutions but also to ensure greater freedom 바카라 출 목표in its politics베트남 카지노.

“The Greeks have shown that they can manage in a European context and the Greek exit from the eurozone is the next step,” he said.

Talks between the two sides of the political divide failed on Sunday, with the Greek minister, Alexis Tsipras, accusing Mr Varoufakis of deliberately trying to damage his party.

However, he said Mr Varoufakis had given the government time to discuss what a new programme for talks might be after its “very hard days of negotiations”, and that its next step would be “to talk”.

‘It is not a compromise’

Meanwhile, Mr Varoufakis said on Friday that he had already said that he wanted to join the EU, whi바카라 프로그램 다운ch Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said was a prerequisite in order for Greece to take advantage of the next year or so of “freezing” of its budget deficit.

Greece is locked out of the European Central Bank’s open market operations until January 2018 for financial reasons, which means it cannot meet a series of obligations including reducing its debt to €240bn (£180bn).

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Earlier, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on French TV the deal was “not a compromise” but was an offer to Europe to find a solution that “will take us closer together”.

“We are negotiating, we have to do this because they want more money. They want to send more money,” Mr Le Maire told France 2. “But they are not offering us money. They are offering to negotiate.”

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