Al qaeda militants tunnel out of yemen jail in Yemen

Al qaeda militants tunnel out of yemen jail in Yemen.

The former Saudi-backed Yemeni government in December released a video warning US drone strikes could “break the hearts” of locals in a war that ha슬롯 머신s claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians.

Al-Qaeda-linked gunmen were reported to have entered a Yarmuk prison in southern Yemen earlier on Monday after several weeks of tense negotiations between the country’s two powerful governments over the operation to crush the insurgents.

In a statement, the two governments said their joint effort on drone strikes had now “cracked through the roof”, with the two militaries having issued joint instructions outlining the legal framework in place for the strike.

Qatar is believed to have provided security and intelligence support for the Saudis and their fighters. The US has previously said it supports 제천출장마사지its partners in Yemen for their efforts against AQAP.

Qatar said on Monday th파라오 카지노at the two countries were to take measures to ensure stability in Yemen, including establishing legal bases for drone strikes, although it did not give details.

Yemen’s former ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh, who died last year, was killed during an attempt by his son Abdulaziz to flee the country in April 2008 while an Islamist rebel group was trying to assassinate him.