Clarke and bingle break up as the two people are taken to the station for a “scam”

Clarke and bingle break up as the two people are taken to the station for a “scam”.

“We are not sorry to have upset you people. This is an example of a company making money off the suffering of other people,” the statement reads.

“You are not entitled to anything you paid for in t코인 카지노hese two days.”

The post continues:

“We have seen your reaction.

“The time spent on this campaign will prove the impact on your wallet and we are sorry that this has happened.

“You have told your friends of this and they will take to social media with you about the campaign and how the people involved affected you.

“In the future it is our ambition to be as transparent as possible.

“For this reason we have agreed to cancel this campaign and have also put an end to any support or payment for any product that you have received as a result.”

The post reads that the website is now taken down.

“It’s about your money.”

People were outraged at the message.

“I would rather the UK Government just shut the business down then do this to the people of the world,” said one.

“I’m not happy with how this got so out of hand. I just feel like we don’t know what this thing is,” said another.

One person said she wasn’t su인터넷 카지노rprised.

“It’s a bit like when you have a house that isn’t theirs but you’re using it and getting in it. It’s not theirs after all, so it’s OK you can 로투스 홀짝keep living in that home.”

The company’s Facebook page is down at the moment but the company is hoping to get it restored soon.

“It’s definitely a shame because the people we have met over on Facebook are very lovely. They’re so nice, it really is,” said Mr Clarke.

“And they’ve put their time, energy and their heart into this thing that’s just ridiculous.”