Council opposes mosque bid

Council opposes mosque bid

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a resolution in October calling for the city’s Board of Health to block the Zayed Mosque’s approval. The Board of Health approved the bid for the site, which is in the Financial District, without consulting community groups.

De 예스 카지노Blasio wrote in the resolution that the “advocacy work of Zayed Mosque is vital to the city’s community, and I join my counterparts across the city to reiterate our determination to stop this project.”

De Blasio wrote, “This is an unjustified development that will negatively impact the diverse neighborhoods where Muslims live, study and work and that, in many ways, is precisely where we should be focusing our resources and resources to build safe, inclusive and integrated communities.”

De Blasio’s resolution says the Mayor “reaffirms the vital role the board has and is playing in allocating resources to protect our streets from crime, keep children out of dangerous situations and foster the growth of our entire city.”

The Zayed Mosque was set to be built, but the city’s Department of Conservation and Recreation pulled out of the project over concerns about noise.

A spokesman for the Board of Health said he couldn’t comment on the mayor’s resolution.

The Board of the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim organization in the United States, opposed the project because the mosque would serve as a recruiting center for terrorists, and a parking garage for terrorists, according to a statement sent to NBC 5. It also opposes any kind of interfaith religious practice such as niqab, or covering one’s face and mouth in Muslim garb.

The president of the board said Zayed Mosque is not affiliated with any particular mosque and that the project is being developed for a different purpose. “We are a community and we do not share your vision or your goals for the future. Our core mission is to foster a tolerant, open, inclusive community and to provide services to the many differ시흥출장마사지ent faiths and cultures we all share,” said the president, Omar Alghazali.

Zayed Mosque is about a mile from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and is a part of New York’s commercial district. The city’s Office of Cultural Affairs told the city’s planning commissioner that the zoning change would be reviewed by the board, 포커 의 신but the board won’t consider the change because of the zoning issue, according to the spokesman.