Election counting in nauru enters final stage with poll of 1,971 likely voters

Election counting in nauru enters final stage with poll of 1,971 likely voters

By Sam Williams

Brisbane, July 7 (Reuters) – Almost 2,000 voters will head to polling stations on Tuesday as they seek to decide who will lead the next prime minister after the election.

The final count in an Australian election marked by tight polling was seen by some polls as having put Labor ahea이천출장안마d by 12 to 13 percentage points.

In a sign the result was unlikely to be a dead heat, results of some surveys, however, could suggest Labor with a five-point lead, based on a survey that suggests Labor had a larger margin in a four-way contest.

A poll by respected pollster Curtin University, with findings from 941 electors in four Australian states, said Labor was likely to retain its lead with a lead of four points.

Au실시간 바카라stralian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten (C) speaks at a meeting with employees at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, in Sydney July 7, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Reed

By some reports Labor was close to winning the two major cities of Melbourne and Sydney by a three- to four-point margin and would have won Queensland and Western Australia by seven points to six points.

Turnbull’s party had said it would not contest the election, even if it lost it.

With the polls showing li라이브 카지노ttle change, Labor said the final result in the Senate was a foregone conclusion. “Labor has won a fair and fair election and I can tell you the people want change,” said Labor MP Wayne Swan.

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The result had been seen as a foregone conclusion because of the close vote for the Coalition and other parties, with Labor having secured a narrow majority in the upper house.

However a few major polls had suggested a slight lead for the ALP with some indicating it could have more than three seats in the 100-seat House of Representatives, leaving the balance of power in the Senate unclear.