Gender based violence in samoa a tragedy that deserves attention

Gender based violence in samoa a tragedy that deserves attention

In 2014, Samoa’s female homicide rate surpassed that of countries such as Honduras and Guatemala, according to a U.N. report that showed a 70 percent increase among women killed by intimate partners, and 60 percent of the victims were male.

Some women in Samoa’s capital city of Manamani were being harassed by a man in his mid 30s on April 21, 2014. In the following days there have been reports of other attacks and killings in Samoa, including the slaying of eight-month-old gir강원안마l Egta5카지노ilani, who was attacked with a kitchen knife in February.

The mother of 12, Eilani, was on her way back from her mother’s house on the island’s northernmost island of Nanaiki when she was found stabbed to death.

“That girl’s death was horrible and painful, but the murder was inhumane, I believe,” said Dr. Mariusi Matas, who works at a local hospital. “This was clearly a case of gender based violence. It’s still killing children because of what these people have been doing to them.”

Despite the fact the country recently passed legislation providing greater protections to victims of violence and protection for police, the nation’s police are still often unable to do their job, according to local media reports.

Mariam Aina, 29, was attacked multiple times by two men on April 16, 2014, who fled on a motorbike after she was stopped for speeding. Police eventually caught one suspect and released him.

However, Matas said the family of another woman was still facing a slew of threats on April 23, 2014.

“They wanted to know who I was, where I was. I didn’t have anything to say,” she said, adding that she was also attacked by a man who threatened to burn down their house.

“I have been called names, insulted, told that I look like a whore and a drug addict. That’s what’s most terrifying, that the government does not protect me and they’re willing to do that to protect women.”

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In one incident reported by Mariah Kakaipua, 18, her boyfriend was accused of beating her and trying to rape her twice.

Makapua said she met a man at the airport in Manamani, but that despite trying to stop him, the man threatened to kill her.

He “came in the cab an