The great sand heist fuelling india 120 billion building projects

The great sand heist fuelling india 120 billion building projects

The prime minister and other ruling parties are under pressure to address the corruption scandal engulfing Indian Railways, which has seen around 400 senior officers arrested and almost 200 investigations underway in more than 100 cases of irregularities including murder.

“We are trying to resolve all these issues in accordance with our stated mission,” Shatrughan Sinha, the chief minister of Bihar, told AFP.

The government has announced reforms to train train drivers, reduce the penalty for bribery, bring in new laws to prevent corruption and make police more transparent.

Officials at India’s public sector banks blamed for lax oversight say the authorities have yet to bring to justice the corrupt officers at their core but say the pace of reforms is accelerating.

At least three new senior officers have joined the railway police in recent weeks and new steps are being taken to crack down on graft, state bank chief of operations Gopal Bansal told Reuters.

Police admit being caught out in recent months in cases including bribery, sexual harassment and murder but have also been accused of running low on staff.

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The top court earlier this month cleared the police of any wrongdoing.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar said his government wanted to “go for it” but has been forced to do the very hard things, such as hiring a senior officer to replace a corruption-buster like Sushil Kumar Modi, who quit in November after police officers shot dead a suspected militant leader.

A new chief commissioner of railways has been appointed and new chief financial officer has also come into place as part of reforms agreed under a 2011 agreement between the two gov더킹카지노ernments to ta우리카지노ckle corruption.

The government has said Modi’s removal – and that of other corruption-buster bureaucrats and officials like former finance minister P Chidambaram – was an act of a “tortured spirit” from the previous government.

Still, some senior officials have been sacked or demoted since the corru바카라사이트ption scandal broke.

A senior official at one of India’s biggest railways said senior officers were being given extra assignments which made them vulnerable to corruption.

“The more senior officers come in, the more opportunities there are for corruption to creep into the organisation and into the system,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “In other words, there are people who are already tainted and have gone above and beyond what is required by law.”